• $445.00

Kreations Lace Frontal Unit


Color: Neon Green.

Volume: Medium

Texture: Straight

Top: All Lace Frontal 13" x 6" LACE, BLEACHED KNOTS

Length: 22" (Pictured)

Density: Medium 150% density

Construction: All lace on a glueless cap.


This Kreation units is constructed with mild density for the most natural look. Kreation units have a completely customizable hairline which allows you to pull your hair up in several styles such as top knot buns and braids. Our units also have versatile parting such as middle, left, or right. Attached are flexible combs and an elastic band for added security. Kreation units can be straightened, curled, and colored.


Please note that intense exposure to heat and chemicals may potentially damage and alter the texture of your Kreation unit, so please protect your hair and always consult with a professional.



1. Construction of your Kreation unit starts 48 business hours after the order is placed. No changes can be made after this time.

2. Your Kreation unit will be created within 5 business days based on the cap size, lace color, and the style preference you have selected.

3. Your Kreation unit will ship based on your selected option at checkout.

4. This is a custom piece. All sales are final.



Most wigs come in different sizes, with adjustable straps and hooks that allow to make the wig tighter or wider. Please refer to table measurements below to see if the size we carry fits your head.

SMALL: (20.” – 21.5″ Circumference), (13″ Ear to Ear), (13.25″ Front to Back)

MEDIUM: (21.5″ – 22.5″ Circumference), (13.5″ Ear to Ear), (14″ Front to Back)

LARGE: (22.5″ – 23.5″ Circumference), (14″ Ear to Ear), (15.5″ Front to Back

Around the Head*- Measure around head. Start at your natural hairline in front. Measure around the back to the bend in your neck, above your other ear, then around front to starting point.

Front to Back**- Measure from your natural hairline in front, back over the crown to where your head meets the top of your neck.

Ear to Ear***- Starting in front of one ear where your hairline ends, bring your tape measure up and over the crown to the front of your other ear.